Chebeague Historical Society




Museum of Chebeague History at the District 9 Schoolhouse

Browsing these exhibits will allow you to experience some of the history of our community. Each display represents selected images and artifacts from the larger collection.

(Watercolor of the Museum- John Lees, 2003)

The Chebeague Island Historical Society, a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1984, has grown from a small community based group of about two dozen members to an organization of more than five hundred members committed to educate the general public about island life. The mission of the Chebeague Island Historical Society is to enrich the lives of Chebeague residents and visitors by the acquisition and preservation of antiquities and documents and by researching and recording the story of the island's past and present.

In 2003, the Chebeague Island Historical Society opened the Museum of Chebeague History at the former District 9 Schoolhouse. The building, built in 1871, was acquired from the Town of Cumberland for $1.00 after being used as a municipal garage for nearly fifty years. Thanks to a successful $500,000 capital campaign to renovate the building and grounds, the Historical Society now has a permanent home for its numerous collections and photographs, as well as the ability to display a yearly exhibit.

Board of the Chebeague Island Historical Society:

President: Phil Jordan

Vice President: Toby Webb

Treasurer: Beth Howe

Recording Secretary: Mary Holt

Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Hamilton

Trustees: Cathy MacNeill, Mimi Moulton, Milo Matrazzo, Susie Stavropoulos,

                 Bill Calthorpe, Donna Damon, Jane Frizzell, Joan Robinson,

                 Richard Bowen, Ken Hamilton, Martha Hamilton, Gail Miller,

                 Marjorie Munroe, Linda Watkins


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